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Excavation Services Vancouver

We have a fleet of compact excavating equipment that we use. The smallest excavators are just 28″ wide, whereas the largest excavators are 6+ feet wide. Most of our equipment is equipped with concrete breaking attachments. See the price page for more information on the equipment and pricing. See below for a detailed list of our services.

Concrete Removal

Concrete Demolition Vancouver

If you want to replace your concrete, our excavation contractors have all the equipment you need! Small removals, such as pieces of a sidewalk, or sections cut and broken out of a floor to access utilities, to huge removals, such as driveways, patios, and concrete walls, are all achievable. Our team employs a wide range of equipment, including skid steers and excavators equipped with breakers, as well as concrete saws and electric handheld jackhammers. Following any removal, we perform a full clean-up, load all material, and deliver it to a recycler. We don’t just remove concrete; we can also remove asphalt and paving stones.

Bobcat Services Vancouver

Skid Steer Services

We have bobcats for projects that require earth moving across a site. Skid steer services can help you finish a work swiftly. We are happy to help with backfill, rough or final grade, removal of existing pads, delivery or removal of soil, and excavation. Furthermore, our skid steers can assist you with any snow removal requirements.

Mini Excavation Construction Vancouver

Mini Excavation Construction

Mini Excavators

Compact Excavators are an excellent piece of equipment for yard renovations, such as excavation for a concrete pad or trenching services. Mini excavation is an excellent choice because it minimizes damage to your lovely yard and enables us to access difficult-to-reach regions with smaller machinery and equipment. As excavation contractors can take care of all of your excavation needs, since they have the necessary skill and equipment. With our compact excavators and bobcats, we can even excavate in confined spaces.. We have Liability Insurance and Worksafe BC Coverage. 

Professional Excavators Vancouver

Trenching Services

Vancouver Trench Excavation

As excavation contractors we have a wide range of compact equipment to handle any trenching job, from mid size excavation trenches to small excavation trenches and even trenches in tight spaces. Trenching services are frequently required when installing or repairing drainage systems, inspecting cables or lines, or running new cables or lines (gas, electrical and other utilities). Our skilled team excavates and backfills trenches with great care and precision, causing as little damage as possible to the surrounding landscaping. We also backfill and compact with the appropriate material, depending on the application.

Vancouver Earthworks Construction

Grading Earthworks Services

Grading is a critical element of any new development or project. We make the grading process as quick and painless as possible with our arsenal of machines, so you can get started on your new project. We have a high degree of accuracy when it comes to ensuring that all grades are in accordance with the plan and that the site has adequate drainage.

Site Grading Services

Laser Grading

Using lasers and grading plans are just examples of the many skills that our employees utilize. Before we begin any work, our team is equipped with lasers to ensure that all grade points are met.
Some excavation work requires a high degree of accuracy and precision. Since this level of precision and accuracy can only be achieved by using laser levels, our team is well-versed in their use. Assuring that all excavations are performed in accordance with the specifications laid out in the design.

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More than 25 years of excavating experience have taught us how to deal with every type of excavation worksite issue.


In every aspect of the excavation process, from the moment we set foot on site to the moment we leave, we are focused on exceeding your expectations.


To get a good deal, you don't have to sacrifice quality. We're proud to be able to provide the best of both worlds.


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Additional Excavation Services

Driveway Preparation

Our highly skilled excavation team is capable of excavating and preparing driveways of any style. If you require the removal of an existing driveway, we have the necessary equipment, buckets, and breakers to remove, load, and haul away any material. We then excavate precisely to ensure that the driveway design is accurate and that there is an adequate gravel base for drainage.

Ditch Reshaping

As excavation contractors can carefully re-shape, re-grade and clean up any ditch, leaving it with a fresh, clean look. If you have a ditch that has excessive overgrowth of unwanted plants, weeds,
grass, and are possibly experiencing drainage problems, maybe it is time to re-shape your ditch.


We backfill against a house’s foundation, erect retaining walls, and excavate trenches. We have a fleet of compact excavators and loaders, as well as vehicles and trailers, for material transportation. Additionally, we ensure that the proper waterproofing, drainage, and backfill materials are utilised. As excavation contractors, we have the specialised equipment essential to complete any operation.

Drain Tile Installation

Installing drain tiles helps avoid groundwater damage to your house or property. After waterproofing the foundation, the drain tile is set against the foundation and backfilled with wash rock ( drainage rock ) to enable water to reach the drain tile. The drain tile often drains to a sump.


As excavation contractors, we are well-versed in the various drainage systems that are used on building projects. There is no job too big or too little for us. Drain tile, trench trains, sump/catch basin drainage systems, floor drains, and gutter drainage systems may all be installed by us. In order to guarantee appropriate drainage, we have the required excavation and grading equipment.

lawn Removal

Does the state of your lawn necessitate the complete removal of it? With the help of our skilled machine operators, we can modify your front or back yard using just the removal of turf grass. When it comes time to fill in any gaps left by removing the grass and contouring the ground, we have you covered with loam, bark/mulch, and washed rock. We can also help with the final grading and finishing work on concrete or paving stone walks, patios, and other projects, if necessary.

Finish Grading

Finish grading ensures that the project adheres to the final grading plan. Our skilled team uses a variety of machines to ensure that the surface is free of debris, large bits of soil, and brought to the correct elevation using typically loam, resulting in a smooth surface for healthy grass planting or sod laying. Typically, the finish grade is the same height as your walkways, driveway, or patio.

Dry Wells

Dry wells are an ideal solution if your property is experiencing an excessive build-up of run-off water. A dry well’s goal is to collect surface water and enable it to slowly drain/soak deep down, in a perforated chamber filled with drainage stones or other similar materials. It is critical to establish a dry well in the proper position, far enough away from your home but not too close to your neighbours. Our excavation contractors are capable of constructing any size dry well.

Pool Excavation

Pool excavation is a big job, and our excavation contractors are ready to help with any size pool project, no matter how big or small. It is important to have the soil tested before you start digging so that you can be sure that the ground is safe for a pool. Because pools need a lot of digging, there will be a lot of material to be hauled away. However, a small amount may be left behind to backfill around the pool. The next step is to build a good base for the pool. Drainage rocks, or concrete, can be used to make the rock. A pool shell comes next. This is to avoid damage. We have all the tools we need to trench the pool lines.

Tree Stump Removal

Is it possible to remove an unattractive stump from your yard? Have you lately had a tree fall on your property, leaving an unsightly stump in its wake? Since we are seasoned excavation professionals, we have the capacity to remove any of these unattractive stumps and roots. We also have the essential capabilities and equipment to do so. Depending on the size of the stump, a variety of tools and techniques will be required to get it removed. Please get in touch with us if you desire to get your stump taken care of.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are great for a variety of landscaping jobs. They also help to make your yard seem and feel more inviting by elevating particular areas. When considering retaining walls, provide adequate drainage. Our excavation experts can also lay a solid foundation, build retaining walls, and create a drainage system using the right backfill material. Concrete, stone, and prefabricated blocks are common retaining wall materials.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule our services, please send us an email or give us a call.